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Taleo Harmony & VS


Taleo Vertical Shock and Harmony are designed for active individuals who navigate varied indoor and outdoor environments and place a high value on effortless walking and the ability to go wherever life takes them. Vertical shock has an implemented shock absorbing unit. Harmony has an integrated vacuum pump improves balance and reduces risk of falls, provides better control over the prosthesis, minimizes residual limb problems and skin irritation and reduces fluctuations in limb volume.


Free Flex ST 20



The Free Flex Pro is a ski binding designed especially for professional F.I.S. skiing athletes. The monocoque construction of its STREAM Toe is reduced to its minimum, but still ensures the maximum stability for extreme competitions. Its ST-Toe is equipped with auto adjusting levers to get the perfect fit to the boot and enough down force and stability. Tyrolia (The actual manufacturer) Fischer, Elan and HEAD athletes ski this binding as well.


BHN Move



In the redesign of the "Bosch BHN Move" vacuum cleaner the essence was captured and evolved into a new product, keeping development and production costs in mind. It's a mature and standalone product but still a member of the Bosch household product family.





Neck and body are all from chopped down trees of Adams home (=emoh)-town Vienna. The neck is made out of Celtis. (thanks to Vienna City Gardens MA42), the body aspen (Pappel). The acrylic pick guard is embedded flush with the body surface an held in place by magnets.


The Brick 08



This amp features a 6V6 8W SE output stage, tube driven tremolo, a footswitchable drive channel and a 10" Jensen C10R Speaker. The cabinet is pine plywood, covered with an extremely durable textile. It is side ported, retaining some of the punch associated with closed cabs but with a more "airy" feel. The Brick 08 is voiced for Blues and Rock players with an earlier breakup than The Wedge. This is a non-master volume amp but the cascaded drive stage can be controlled with an additional gain pot, essentially making this a two channel amp.


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