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The C-Brace is THE product that gets people with partial or total paralysis of the knee extensors back to walking. The new generation of this intelligent orthosis is way smaller then the previous model and can be worn under clothing.





The Attack² Skibindings are designed especially for freeskiers and park and pipe areas. These bindings can be adjustet for various kinds of Skiboots. GripWalk boots, but also up to Walk Sole, Walk To Ride and Touring ski boots. With these bindings, boot-binding compatibility issues during are relegated to the past.


BHN Move



In the redesign of the "Bosch BHN Move" vacuum cleaner the essence was captured and evolved into a new product, keeping development and production costs in mind. It's a mature and standalone product but still a member of the Bosch household product family.





Neck and body are all from chopped down trees of Adams home (=emoh)-town Vienna. The neck is made out of Celtis. (thanks to Vienna City Gardens MA42), the body aspen (Pappel). The acrylic pick guard is embedded flush with the body surface an held in place by magnets.


The Brick 08



This amp features a 6V6 8W SE output stage, tube driven tremolo, a footswitchable drive channel and a 10" Jensen C10R Speaker. The cabinet is pine plywood, covered with an extremely durable textile. It is side ported, retaining some of the punch associated with closed cabs but with a more "airy" feel. The Brick 08 is voiced for Blues and Rock players with an earlier breakup than The Wedge. This is a non-master volume amp but the cascaded drive stage can be controlled with an additional gain pot, essentially making this a two channel amp.


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